to create vr room for school kids


Sunshine Coast Council and Spark Bureau have been collaborating on a number of exciting projects over the last 8 months such as working to bring virtual reality augmented reality (AR) equipment to the Sunshine Coast.

The AR is now open for use and educational programs for VR and AR are in development to encourage further engagement in the community.

Bright Sparks Lab Project Overview

The Sunshine Coast Council has funded the VR and AR technology (both hardware and software) for the benefit of the community. This technology is currently functioning at Spark Bureau and is available for the public to use. SCC’s goal with AR is to encourage kids to be creative and find innovative solutions to real world problems while having fun. SCC, along with Spark Bureau's youth entrepreneur scholarship recipient, Mackenzie Reardon, aim to run a program of weekly after school workshops and demonstrations designed specifically for school kids.

• Black wall
• HTC Vive VR gear
• Development grade gaming pc
• Dedicated Audio and Video recording iMac also used for livestreaming events
• Free hamburgers