What's the deal with Community Membership?

Photo: Stocksnap.io

Photo: Stocksnap.io

by Zach Johnson

Our young organisation has achieved a lot in a very little time. For an overview or a refresher of our accomplishments, check out this recent blog post. The receipt of funding from DIIS to launch our incubator program is a welcome validation of the importance of our mission to the overall goal of elevating the Australian economy through supporting entrepreneurs and building community around innovation.

We operate in a highly collaborative region and have seen massive support from many individuals in these past months but community building is something that we absolutely cannot (and should not) do alone. We intend to continue attracting national and international-calibre experts and speakers to our Ocean St. coworking space, bringing broad perspectives and valuable lessons to help our local entrepreneurs and small business owners launch and grow their ventures. We also intent to continue engaging with representatives of local and national investment vehicles including experts in the various state and commonwealth grant programs to maxmise deal flow on the Sunshine Coast.

To do these things we need your help. And by 'you', I'm specifically referring to businesses on the Sunshine Coast who only stand to benefit from our region becoming more knowledgable, innovative and connected. Enter our Community Membership. This membership category is designed to incorporate our broader business community in meaningful ways into everything we do. Your membership will give you: access to our beautiful space as a venue for your events; high-quality meeting space for small or large groups right on Ocean St.; opportunities to interact with our coworking members and incubator founders; access to premium events and speaker series and acknowledgement that you are playing a substantive role in the intelligent evolution of the Coast, where our children and grandchildren will have increased high-wage employment prospects with internationally relevant and competitive business, right here at home.

Our DIIS grant requires us to match their funding in cash to the tune of $200,000 over the next 18 months. Your assistance in helping us match this grant funding is needed now. Don't hesitate to reach out or drop in to learn more about how you can support SPARK BUREAU and the entrepreneurial community on the Sunshine Coast.  Ready to sign up now?  Awesome!  Please click here.