Introducing the SPARK BUREAU Podcast (sort of)



by Zach Johnson

After many years of passive consumption ranging from obsessive to lapsing, I've been inspired to launch a podcast.  While my memory isn't always the most reliable, my earliest recollection of podcasts was back in the early, early days of 2005 when I used this new form to keep up with my then favourite NPR radio shows including Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me and Car Talk -- for that matter, anything on WBUR, the public radio station from my hometown in Boston.  My loyalty to these shows was as much about the content as it was to combat the homesickness that has occasionally raised its head during the better part of the past 15 years away from my American roots.  

Fast-forward a decade and this media format has really come into its own.  The explosion of Serial and the proliferation of titles in myriad subjects to please any taste -- not to mention just how easy they are to find and subscribe in iTunes has brought the medium into the mainstream.  I firmly believe that we've yet to see 'Peak Podcast'.  

For the record, I would highly recommend (in no particular order) the Mystery Show, Invisibilia, Reply All (really anything from Gimlet Media), The Pitch, and #girlboss radio as an intro for the uninitiated.  Each of these marry exceptional content, professional production and damn good dialogue.  

Maybe I was just waiting for the right vehicle and muse which I have now found in SPARK BUREAU (the vehicle) and our very first Incubator intake (the muse).  The founders in our first intake are interesting, engaging and inspiring.  I want to share how proud I am of them now and how much confidence I have in their ability to grow and flourish in the coming months and beyond.  Several years down the road, some of these entrepreneurs will be leading wildly successful companies and I want an historical record of what they were thinking, how they were feeling and how their experience with SPARK BUREAU fuelled their future growth.

Over the next four months, I will be conducting interviews, recording conversations and reflecting on this collective experience.  I want to share this transformative journey first-hand from the founder's perspective but I'm sure I won't be able to resist the occasional pontification of someone fortunate enough to be working side-by-side with these exceptional people day in and day out.  

I'm still working out the the format and there are a few decisions I have to make prior to the publication of Series One, Episode One but I have purchased the equipment and written this blog post so there's no backing out now.