Startup incubation on the Sunshine Coast

by Zach Johnson

Over the past several months I've been researching startup incubator programs around the world. I've looked at A LOT of programs and found that they generally stick to a pretty standard format and provide a pretty standard range of services.  Our own Innovation Centre here on the Sunshine Coast has been incubating startups for over a decade and has produced some solid companies with strong potential including TypefiCloud DC, SchoolZine and Traffika.  However, the startup scene here on the Coast is still quite nascent.  The relative maturity of support available to startups is still low and the lens through which we view the quality of programs is only now starting to focus on bringing global experiences, connections and programs to a location that many acknowledge is amongst the most beautiful, healthy and supportive in Australia.  

Enter the SPARK BUREAU Incubator where we endeavour to leverage our experience of working with tech startups since 1997 in Boston, New York, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Europe, UK, and Australia.  That's nearly 20 years, beginning with the first dot com boom.  We have seen it all and have worked as programmers, heads of sales and marketing, CEOs and consultants to both early stage startups and some of the worlds biggest companies.  This depth and breadth of experience in supporting, growing and running technology companies in the world's biggest technology hotspots combined with a global network and an intimate knowledge of the Sunshine Coast business ecosystem is the special SPARK behind our program (sorry, couldn't resist).

We are currently accepting applications for the Incubator with an intent to commence formally in January 2016.  For more information contact us or complete our application.  We'll announce our first batch of startups in the January SPARK BUREAU newsletter.